Dr. Narinder Grewal, MD: #1 Pain Physician Located In Thousand Oaks

Individuals across California turn to the advanced practices and kindness of Doctor Narinder S. Grewal, MD. Grewal has been a specialist in interventional pain capability treatments for nearly twenty years. Narinder Grewal, as well as his professional practice, has assisted 1000s of individuals to improve weakening mobility, increase back function, and lessen or abolish the depleting hurt arising from musculoskeletal problems. Narinder S. Grewal has won the recognition of people and fellow clinical professionals comparably regarding Grewal’s commitment to delivering comprehensive health care with the patients’ enhanced health and wellness at the core of his management techniques.


Grewal developed the APM and Neurology Group in Valencia, California. This practice has several sites throughout LA County and provides solutions to people in communities such as Oxnard, Van Nuys, and Antelope Valley. The numerous centers supply patients with a massive array of common remedies as well as procedures; all developed to ease the discomfort from the back injury or bone and joint ailments. The clinical workforce gathered for the practice features partner physicians, registered nurse practitioners, and physician helpers, each who deliver several yrs of experience to yield for the clients’ gain.


Amongst the many pain conditions managed by the medical staff from the APM and Neurology Group are:

Chronic Migraines, Cervical & Back Radiculopathy, Sciatic nerve pain, Intercostal Neuralgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Pain resulting from cancer, Peripheral Neuropathic Distress, and Fibromyalgia.


Treatment options include both non-invasive treatments and medical methods. The professional medical office manages an outpatient surgical treatments facility for the harder scenarios. Medical intervention can feature the implantation of neurostimulators and be infusing injections. Frequent treatments for musculoskeletal pain ailments include Epidural and joint injections, PRP, also known as Plasma-Rich injections, Occipital nerve stops, Radiofrequency nerve ablations, injections at trouble points, and injections of stem cells.


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One of the attributes that have helped Narinder S. Grewal, MD, separate himself from competitors is his strong advocacy for patients. Narinder feels that the client himself- or herself is an integral part of the pain management treatment plan. By merely giving his patient’s power to grow into involved partakers in the treatment option process, he has uncovered that results are dramatically enhanced. Investment in the treatment solution process helps guarantee doctor directions are adopted, and prescription medications are consumed, in addition to any physical therapies are administered. The overall outcome is both men and women have the opportunity to pursue better, far healthier lifestyles, free from the suffering and irritation that caused the initial pain treatment.

Grewal is medically certified within two governing medical bodies, the American Society of Anesthesiology and the American Academy of Pain Management. Besides his board certifications, he is currently an involved member of expert organizations like the Vertebral Modulation Society and the U.S. Society of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, amidst several others.


By being involved in these specialist institutions, Dr. Grewal can vastly improve his knowledge and his 20 years of expertise in the pain management industry. Visibility to brand-new therapy methods serves to help him provide well-known pain management techniques and practices for the clients of his facilities in SoCal. Narinder S. Grewal, MD, has been the number one option for patients in the Valencia area of Central California for twenty years. His unique individual services and his extensive solution offerings are indeed a testament to the benevolence he feels for patients he has aided. Getting over pain and impairment is what Narinder S. Grewal has dedicated his profession too.


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