Sex Life With Condoms Beyond Fifty Years

 Today, individuals more than fifty years of age include of people in the ‘time of increased birth rates’ era, which grew up amid the 1960s. This was a period of incredible social change where women’s liberation, social liberties and more liberal demeanors towards sex were at the cutting edge of society.

When people start talking about responsible sex and condoms, the targets of the conversations are usually young people. No one even bothers to talk about safe sex with individuals who are in the 50s and above. As a result, some older couples do not bother using condoms when having sex, with most of them just assuming that safe sex is for young people who need to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. However, what most of these seniors do not realize is that even though there is very little chance of getting pregnant at their age, they are not immune to STDs and might even be at a higher risk of contracting an infection when compared to younger people.

Reasons Why Condoms Are Critical For Individuals More Than 50s

HIV is one of the primary STDs you are at a high danger of contracting when you take part in unprotected sex. As per a few researches on the spread of HIV, the infection is exceptionally common amongst individuals who are over the age of 50. People who are over the age of 50 are subsequently at a higher danger of contracting HIV, and ought to along these lines hone safe sex to ensure themselves and their accomplices

High Danger Of Contracting STDS

Disease rates for different STDs, for example, gonorrhea and herpes have additionally ascended at a disturbing rate in the more established era. As per a report  the contamination rates of STIs, there was a 206% expansion in the quantity of gonorrhea cases analyzed in individuals beyond 65.From these findings, it is entirely clear that more seasoned couples are at a high danger of contracting STDs, and ought to  utilize condoms to shield themselves from such diseases.

Hence it is always recommended that people who are above 50s can able to practice safe activities by using various and approved sex products like condom, lubricants and sex toys etc.

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